Dedicated Satellite Internet

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   Note that networking is not a Direct America Satellite ***service***


Direct America Satellite cannot proceed with your satellite installation until we have received a completed and signed Site Survery Form. If you have any questions regarding the information on this form, please contact your sales representative at 1-800-437-9396.


Direct America Satellite's basic installation consist of:

  • 1 hour drive time, each additional hour will be $45.00
  • Assembly of the unit and mounting it to the designated roof or wall.
  • Up to 150 feet of coax cable from the satellite to the modem, each additional foot will be $1.00.
  • The indoor transmitter/ receiver modem connected to the satellite.
  • Cross-pol of the dish with the Network Operation Center "NOC"
  • Signal Test on system.
  • Internet connectivity on the system by open browser to one website.

Extra charges may include:

* Non-penetrating roof mount (NPRM) or pole mount.

* Required permits, training, clothing, or equipment to access work site.

* Additional or special types of coax cable.

* Drive time over one hour.

* An install above the second story.

* Laying conduit to run cable through.

* Trenching in any kind of soil or concrete.

* Delays due to customer.

* Labor to clear line of site.

* Any other service or part relating to the installation not listed.


Bandwidth Services:

All bandwidth contracts are for 2 years. The modems shall maintain Exede services until the 2 year term is satisfied. If the service is cancelled before the 2 year period the customer is liable for payment until the end of the contract. Further, Direct America Satellite makes no warranties that your applications, software, VPN service, VoIP service, or other systems will perform at any guaranteed level.



All installations must be performed by a certified technician. All installations must be performed through Direct America Satellite to ensure a smooth install.


Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at 1-800-437-9396


I certify the the above information is correct. I understand the installation is provided under the terms of my Sales Order and the Subscriber Agreement and that the Subscriber Agreement is available upon request. I understand that by violating these terms and conditions I may void my warranty.